SEA WordPress Theme 1.10 Released

Last updated on September 1, 2021

SEA WordPress Theme(live demo) 1.10 has been officially released! We’ve been hard at work and this release has 50+ commits in Sea theme core and BM content builder. We added many things.

What’s new in 1.10?

  • FontAwesome is updated to 5.15.4, both for theme options and social module of BM content builder. IIt has increased to more than 400 social media (or brand) icons.
  • Added a new item layout – “Image on left” (Check Demo), it is for the post source of the Grid module. It can help you design more flexible blog list layout.
  • Added a new mouseover effect – “Title to Excerpt” (Check Demo), it is for the Masonry Grid module.
  • Solved FOUT (Flash of Unstyled Text) problem for Google and uploaded fonts.
  • Added search icon(option) on the header bar.
  • Fixed – cloning issue for a newly created Group(the modules within the Group cannot be duplicated).
  • Fixed – selecting social icon issue for a new social item in the theme options(Social Networks tab).
  • The version 1.10.2 splits the Inner-Padding-on-left/right as 2 independent options in Group module. It doesn’t affect the existing pages, you don’t have to re-config it. But once a Group module with Inner-Padding-on-left/right is edited again, you need to config the inner-padding-on-left and inner-padding-on-right.


The template files was changed. If you use the file(s) in your child theme, please re-build the file(s)


Please note

  • Don’t forget to update the BM Content builder plugin.

How to update

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