SEA WP Theme 1.11 Released

Last updated on October 8, 2021

SEA WordPress Theme(live demo) 1.11 has been officially released! We’ve been hard at work and this release has 20+ commits in SEA theme core and BM content builder. We added a new module and some useful new options.

What’s new in 1.11?

  • Add a new module – Tabs.
  • Add “Showing Image on Mouseover” option for Button module
  • Add “Image button” type for Button module
  • Add Border radius option for the Embed module
  • Improve the TinyMCE Text editor
  • Improve the Tools bar on the module
  • Add show 2nd feature image / show 2nd feature image + title to excerpt for the Masonry Grid
  • Separate item spacing options: horizontal/vertical 2 options
  • Fix font size for mobile issue in Text editor
  • Fix cloning issue of Single Image module(SVG)

New Tabs module

Tabs is a user-friendly, highly customizable, responsive module that it can be for showing your works like a APP. It supports 4 tabs position(left, right, top, bottom). You can define the tabs for mobile also. Tabs supports to show SVG icon or without icon. It also presets a lot of text styles, spacing, color options.

TinyMCE Text Editor

This update optimizes the toolbar and loading speed of the text editor component, and replaces the text label with the code mode icon.

Please note

  • Don’t forget to update the BM Content builder plugin.
  • This update did not change any theme template files, the updated files are mainly in the builder plugin
  • The item spacing option is separated as horizontal/vertical 2 options for the Masonry Grid, it will not affect the existing module if it not be re-edited. Please set the new spacing options until the existing module is re-edited.

How to update

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