Cookie Consent bar Always Showing on WordPress(4 steps)

Last updated on December 18, 2021

For the Cookie Consent bar, if the user clicks the allow(OK) button, it should not be displayed again when any pages of this website is opened. If the cookie consent bar always showing on your WordPress website. And if there is an activated cache plugin on website, it should be an issue about that Cookie Consent bar conflicts with cache plugin.

On most of WordPress cache plugins, there are the options what are for excluding page, cache, and assets like CSS. They will not be cached.

WP Fastest Cache

If you use WP Fasted Cache plugin, please clickWP Fastest Cache on the left menu bar of WordPress admin. You will enter the settings of the plugin. In Exclude tab, click Add New Rule after Exclude Cookies, the rule panel will popup. Enter cookieConsentBar and click save.

Cookie Consent bar Always Showing on WordPress

WP Optimize

If you use WP Optimize plugin, please go to WP-Optimize > Settings, click Cache, you will see the Cache settings panel. In Advanced settings tab, enterEnter cookieConsentBar in the List of cookies.

Exclude cookie in WP Optimize plugin

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