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    Hi there, I have a few questions:

    1. The carroussel on my homepage doesn’t work very fluidly on the mobile version. It jumps very abruptly, any idea how to make this smoother?

    2. Is it possible to create an underline under the current category of the shop, rather than displaying the small number? https://olivesandmore.nl/?page_id=107

    3. On the shop page of the mobile version, it is very hard to get into the product page. In order to get into the product page you have to tap 3 times. once to get the info, and then twice to get directed to the product page. Can we change this to just tapping 2 times in total?

    4. Is it possible to add a ‘back to shop’ button or link on each product page?

    Thanks in advance for your help!



    1. The slider is too height to show the whole image. Please try to set the mobile height as 30%

    2. It is possible by custom CSS(“Appearance > Customize: Additional CSS”), like:

    .filter-num {display:none;}
    .filters-li.active .filters-a { text-decoration: underline; } 

    3. Please edit the Grid(on the shop), enable “Tap Once to Open Item”. check this video (11:13) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcnWg4JB1oU&t=673s

    4. There is not the option. It is a great idea. We will consider adding the feature.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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