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    Hi, i have created a new category to display news on the home page (and later include as a sub menu) but i have tried with this two modules to pull up the new category in the home page with no luck, it just simply doesnt bring anything… in fact nothing even changes.

    Also can you tell me if it is OK to upgrade to WP 4.1? thanks

    One more thing :S sorry… i got this site when it was started and i have noticed they built it with the mother theme instead of the child, i understand it is a much better and safer practice to work wirth the child theme, do you have any advice as to how to move everything to my child them with out loosing modifications, thanks!



    – which modules you used? Blog and carousel? please make sure there are posts in the new category. please leave the wp-admin info and url by private reply, I’ll check it.

    – It is ok with WP 4.1

    – I need to know which part changed(php, css, js)? Which Bee theme version using?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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