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    It’s just a feed back from a user experience. I’m currently redesigning all my website using your theme for the second time. And it’s really cool to have the possibilty to make something 200% different based on the same theme. So first thank you for this.

    A big part of my website is based on your sliders, I have galery with many images and the problem is here. In a slider, if you have 5 or 8 pictures, it’s okay to change the order of the images but if you have 30 images, it’s horrible.

    If i want to move an image from the 27th position to the 4th for example, I almost have to start from the beginning and change everything. It would be really great to be able to drag and drop to change the position of even use arrows to up or down images.
    When I click on “add slide” this is normal to have this news slide at the end but if I click on duplicate on the image at 5th position, I don’t understand why it appears at the end. it’s not logical and I don’t see the difference between new slide and duplicate.

    I saw on other posts, you were thinking to add videos to sliders, it would be great too.

    Last thing, I find the mobile version of the slider not really responsive. It would be cool to find a solution to improve this part. I would be happy to share more with you about my experience.

    thanks again




    Thank you for your great and valuable suggestions, we will consider them carefully.
    Could you give more tips about the responsive issue?
    Thanks again!

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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