Embed Google Maps on WordPress freely

Last updated on January 4, 2022

Normally, you could create a lived Google maps by a plugin on your WordPress site, but you have to addannoying settings like entering Google API Keys. If you only want to add a Maps quickly, here is a super easier and quicker way to embed Google Maps by iframe codes.

Get the embed Google Maps codes

Please go to a 3rd website (maps.ie or google-map-generator) to general your Google maps, config the address, zoom, and other options, it will generate the HTML codes of the Google Maps. The width and height(on the iframe tag) should be set with 100%. Please only copy the HTML codes within <iframe ... > and </iframe>.

Embed Google Maps on WordPress freely

How to add Google Maps to you WordPress Post

You can add the embedded codes into WordPress default editor by Custom HTML block.

  • Open a new post(or page) using the block editor, click “Add new” in the Posts (or Pages) section of your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click “+” button, type in “ HTML” in the search bar from the screen that pops up. Then click “Custom HTML”.
  • Insert HTML, you can write your own HTML codes, such as <div>, <img>, or <iframe>

Check the quick video guide:

If you use BM Content builder, please try to use Embed or Text module.

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